I don't know, do you?
Posted by Martine Joosten
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The power of visual thinking

Harnessing the power of visual thinking can help people learn new skills and apply them. For many learners, pictures and doodles instead of words help them learn and retain concepts.

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The Puzzle of Problem Solving
Posted by Martine Joosten

The thinking and flow of solving jigsaw puzzles and complex problems are quite similar. A troubleshooter’s insights on effective problem solving

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Brain on or off?
Posted by Berrie Schuurhuis on wo, november 09, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Een goede troubleshooter maakt zijn denken zichtbaar. Nu ook via een youtube kanaal.

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Traveling Through Space To Start Communication

Before learning to find root cause, we observe. Consider where we are in space and use the senses to observe. But are we observing or judging and is there a difference?

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Help, opleidingsbudget over! Blijf investeren in je vaardigheden en de toekomst
Posted by Martine Joosten

Blijf investeren in je vaardigheden, problem solving skills hebben de toekomst! Zegt World Economic Forum

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Happiness is a choice – focus on root cause analysis, it will solve your issues

Problem solving the KT way takes so much time! This is often what we hear. And what if you give it the right focus? 

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2016 - kom goed beslagen ten ijs!
Posted by Martine Joosten

Take CARE - Clarify, Act on Fact, Reflect en Explore zijn de handreikingen die we doen.

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SCRUM: Fixing Root Cause In A Squeeze. Who Picks Up That Ball?
Categories: In The Media

Googling “Scrum” in the past would likely yield an explanation for a Rugby.  Today, references would lead to Agile project management, particularly for software. Where does Root Cause Analysis fit in you ask? Read more…

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Vooroordelen in besluitvorming
Posted by Martine Joosten

Besluiten nemen we zelf elke dag, en we zien om ons heen hoe ze genomen worden door anderen. Het nieuws staat vol van genomen besluiten en gek genoeg ook van teruggedraaide besluiten. Welke vooroordelen spelen mee?

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